Support the Reeds Brook Trail Project!

The RSU22 community is blessed to have many partnerships that not only enhance the education of our students, but also serve to bring the people of the community together. One such inspirational project that has grown dramatically within the last year is the Reeds Brook Trail System. Working as a team, the students, teachers and community members of RSU22 have recently completed a large section of “phase two” of the trail system. This trail system, located in the heart of Hampden, will be a multi-purpose network of paths that will be available for students and community members to access for both educational and recreational purposes.

The RSU22 Education Foundation supports this worthy endeavor because we believe that it is a working example of what makes our schools exciting for our students and academically rigorous as well. As part of our mission statement we place special emphasis on innovative projects and community partnerships. The Reeds Brook Trail System will provide future generations of our children a practical and hands-on learning environment for a variety of subjects. Teachers will be able to take their students out of the classroom and provide a high quality learning environment that is essential for student success. Our athletic teams will also be able to access the trails year round for training and competition so that they can continue to achieve the high level of success that they have become known for.

Innovative projects such as this are worthy our support and many in the community have already stepped forward to help establish the trail system. Troop 41 of the Boy Scouts of America and the Penobscot Valley Ski Club are among the groups that have provided much needed muscle power. In addition, Katahdin Trust Company recently donated five thousand dollars in financial support and going well beyond their contractual obligations, Ground Perfection Specialist Corporation has provided a forestry mower in order to clear trails for further development.

This worthy project is still in need of continued support from our community. The RSU22 Education Foundation has established a link to donate via credit card on our website at In addition, the Reeds Brook Trail System has instituted a corporate donor program so that local businesses are able to support the trail system as well.

Simply access their website through the RSU22 Education Foundation page to find out more. See you on the trails!

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