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Our Partners

Many thanks to the people and companies who support the Foundation and all the students, teachers and families of RSU22.

Special thanks to the RSU22 Board of Directors and Administration for their continued support and partnership.

  • apple-sticker-1Website Originating Sponsors
  • Coffee Break CafĂ©, Hampden, Maine
  • Landmark Heritage Trust, Newburg, Maine
  • Links Website Deisgn and Online Marketing, Bangor, Maine
  • Piper Mountain Christmas Trees, Newburgh Maine

2012-2013 Annual Corporate Sponsors

2012 Corporate Donors

  • Bill Drake, Professional Photographer
  • Asha Fenn Pottery Studio, Stockton Springs
  • 4-Points BBQ and Blues House, Winterport
  • Rachel and Shannan Pet Grooming Salon, Winterport
  • Villa Kulla Hair Salon, Winterport
  • Fisher Farm Stand, Winterport
  • Living Land Farm Stand, Winterport
  • Commercial House Aniques and B&B, Winterport